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This is an online face-to-face math tutoring service which connects a student with a personal tutor, Sonya Sokolow, PhD, using a web site that provides 2-way video, 2-way voice, and a shared drawing pad, for an experience that closely resembles face-to-face tutoring.  This is not just a homework-problem-solving service, but rather a credentialed math teacher with a doctorate in education works with the student in a supportive manner.

Through decades of experience in face-to-face tutoring, Dr. Sokolow has learned that certain principles of teaching are essential for successful tutoring:
  • A continuing relationship between a student and the same tutor throughout the tutoring experience.
  • The tutor must do much more than helping the student solve particular homework problems.
    • Tutor figures out what is confusing the student.
    • Tutor helps student use available learning tools.
    • When necessary, tutor communicates with student's class teacher, school administrators, or parent.
    • Tutor helps student learn how to solve problems, not just how to solve a particular homework assignment.
  • Good records must be kept by the tutor so that there is continuity and follow through from one session to the next.
    • Progress notes help tutor, student, and parent.
    • Notes are available online for review anytime by those given access.
Dr. Sokolow's approach is explained here.   Read her resume (curriculum vitae) here.

  • To get started, create your free account at, then contact by email and explain your tutoring need.
  • Rate is $75/hour for tutoring by Dr. Sokolow, charged by 15-minute increments at $18.75/increment.
  • If associate tutor is available, associate tutoring rate is half the regular rate.   Associate tutors (who are not credentialed math teachers but can tutor math) are monitored by Dr. Sokolow.
  • You will need to provide Dr. Sokolow with a copy of the student's text book if Dr. Sokolow doesn't already have that book in her library.   This can be done either by sending an actual paper book, or by sending a pdf file (or eBook) of the actual text being used, or by paying to Dr. Sokolow the cost of purchasing the book.  Please provide Dr. Sokolow with the exact title, authors' names, edition number, publisher name, and ISBN number of the book, all of which should be on the book itself.

  • Access to high-speed Internet.
  • Computer with browser running the free Adobe FlashPlayer (almost all computers work except very old ones, and 98% of computers already have it installed from the factory).  You can verify that Adobe FlashPlayer is installed by going to this link: About Adobe FlashPlayer.   It is recommended that you install the most recent version of Adobe FlashPlayer from Adobe's download site.
  • A web cam, speakers, and microphone (or headphone-microphone) on student's computer.  (You can test that they work in your FlashPlayer by bringing up the FlashPlayer settings manager.   Click here for instructions on the settings manager.).
  • A credit or debit card to make secure payments online through PayPal, or payment by money order or cashier's check through the mail.
  • Create your free account at (click here then "Sign-Up Free"), a free Internet interactive whiteboard with video, voice, and text chatting.
  • Optional registration with Skype (instructions), a free online voice-over-Internet phone service for speaking with tutor if necessary outside of a tutoring session.
  • Optional free Google account (instructions) to access online progress notes and schedules.
  • Optional digital input tablet with stylus, such as the Wacom Bamboo.

How it works
  • One you are registered and have an appointment with the tutor, you will go online to at the appointed time, login with your username and password, and click on your name in the list of "vyewbooks".   This will connect you with the screen through which you communicate with your tutor.  The screenshot below shows that page for a hypothetical student.
  • Your tutor will join the same vyewbook and will display her video picture and start her microphone so she can greet you.  You will click on the buttons to start your video and microphone.   Then both of you can talk and see each other as well as seeing the whiteboard drawing frame.
  • You and the tutor will be able to draw and type on the whiteboard, where both of you see the same images.   Pictures from textbooks or web pages can be embedded in the whiteboard pages, too.  Drawing is done with the mouse or optional tablet with stylus.
  • Using your browser, you may also be instructed where to find an online textbook and other instructional materials, which may be used during your tutoring session without disconnecting from your vyewbook communcation with your tutor.
  • At the end of your session, you and your tutor will schedule your next session appointment.    Your account will be charged for your session time.   Accounting information and progress notes will be accessible online in a GoogleDrive spreadsheet.
Screenshot (click picture to enlarge): Screen of tutoring session on    

How it differs from other online tutoring sites

  • Some sites only provide interaction between student and a computer program, not a teacher.
  • Some are 24/7 sites that connect student with any random tutor employed by the service somewhere in the world, with no continuity from day to day.
  • Most don't provide video and voice -- they are not like being there with the tutor at your side.
  • Many online tutors have little experience in teaching and are not credentialed teachers.
  • Some only answer specific math questions rather than helping the student to help him- or herself.
  • Most do not provide online progress notes and never attempt to consult with class teacher or supportive family.

Click here for more information about the founder and tutor.

Contact us:
To send a payment by mail, send a money order or cashier's check or similar official check for at least $75 as deposit toward tutoring fees to:

Dr. Sonya Sokolow
301 Highview Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Send a $75 payment through PayPal.  (A service charge of 3% will be included in your payment amount.)
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